Applying for a rental property when you are Self Employed

How do you stand out as a Self Employed Renter when applying for properties?

It’s no secret it is a hot market on the coast for rental properties.

With every property we list, we get quite a few applications – sometimes in the 100’s!

Here are our top 10 tips for self employed rental applications for you:

1. Digital Application Forms

  • We recommend using our 2Apply digital application form on a computer to set your application up correctly. The mobile application lacks functionality and sometimes misses things. 
  • Ensure all persons over 18 who will reside at the property complete the application fully 
  • Add a personal Cover Note explaining who you and the other applicants are, how you live and why this home is a perfect fit for you. Attach this as part of the ‘other documents’ section so it is all in one place when we go through applications. 

2. Informing your Rental Referees 

Rental References

  • We need at least two years rental history.
  • Add the property manager / landlords details with mobile and email to our Digital 2Apply Platform and we will take it from there to arrange what we need from them.

Self-Employed References 

  • We need some documentation from you about your business.
  • Your accountant and solicitors details are helpful for us to obtain reference checks and confirm earnings.
  • We will also require your latest NoA and or / last 6 months self employed bank statements.

Employed References

  • If there is another adult on your application who is employed they will need to provide their last 2 years employment references. 
  • Add the referees details with mobile and email to our Digital 2Apply Platform and we will take it from there to arrange what we need from them. 

3. Additional Important Information to provide

If you are relocating

  • We will still require your last 2 years history for rental, employed or self-employed persons as mentioned in steps 5, 6 and 7.
  • In addition, we want to see how you will be receiving income from your new area. Great examples of this is new employment agreements, contractor agreements or Letters of Offer.

4. Property Inspections

  •  Let us know if you will be attending in person, open to a video walk through inspection or happy to take the property sight un-seen.
  • Note: This section is customisable on the application form so be sure to edit this prior to sending off the application.

5. Adding *Current* Supporting Documentation

This one is a no-brainer wouldn’t you say? When we receive so many applications…

  • If you are missing documentations or have uploaded outdated information we will go to the next complete application.
  • On this, it’s important to note that screenshots are very difficult to read, PDF documentation is preferred.

To make things easy, please find a list of the documents that each adult residing at the property will need to provide for a Quality Rental Application:

  • Valid ID (passport, citizenship certificate, driver’s licence, Medicare card, utility bills)
    Please note: The documents you provide must equal 100 ID Verification points or more. 
  • Current Bank Statements (showing rent/salary credits) 
  • Current Centrelink Statements – if applicable 
  • Proof of income (recent payslips, bank statements, tax return) 
  • Proof of self-employed income (6 months bank statements, tax return, accountants letter) – if applicable 
  • Letter of employment (if you’re starting a new job or relocating) 
  • Deposit/rental ledger (summary of your rental payment history) 
  • Cover letter (add as an attachment or answer in the Tennant Questions)

We hope you have found this article helpful and we look forward to receiving your complete quality application for one of our brand new properties soon!

Your local property managers and leasing specialists

Team SPG