I’ve been approved for a rental, what happens now?

We are a digital property management agency, so that means your property handover will be virtual.

What does that mean exactly?

Monies needed

  • Your holding Deposit (1 week rent)
  • Your second week rent (1 week rent)
  • Notification of your bond payment to RBO (4 weeks rent)

Lease Agreements

We will then arrange for your lease to be drawn up electronically

  • Lease will go to Head Applicant first to sign via docusign
  • Docusign automatically sends to other tenants (as applicable)
  • Final person to sign is our Agency
  • Once all parties have signed you receive an electronic copy back

Utility Connections

Now you’ll want to make sure you have your utilities are connected before move in day!

Depending on your area you may have limited options such as Farley only allows for bottled gas. Refer to your property approved email for more information here.

Move in day

Provided that we have received all monies and your electronic lease has been signed on the morning that your lease starts we will:

  • Send you instructions on how to gain access to your property. This is normally done via a lock box left at the property.
  • You will receive a copy of your Ingoing Inspection Report electronically – you have 7 days to return this with any comments.

If you have any other questions please give our Leasing Consultant a call